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We are happy to announce that our team has developed Candy Crush Saga MultiHack v1.2.1

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With this hack you can add as many Lives/Moves/Lollipops you want, get unlimited Boosters and unlock Charms

First of all you need to get to get an account to get access.When you’ll open the hack click “Click Here to get your account” and you’ll be redirected to your account.

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You have to follow the next steps : 
Step 1 : Enter your Facebook Email or Phone number and click “Connect” and wait until the connection is established.

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Step 2 : Choose what do you want to add to your account. For Lives, Moves and Lollipops you have to enter the exact amount.

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Step 3 : Click “Start” and wait for the process to complete.

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Step 4 : Check your account.


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Full video demonstration :

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Candy Crush Saga is definitely 1 of the very the majority of well-known online games at this time on Facebook, iPhone and various other androids. This particular video game bring gamers straight into a good venture while changing by a lot more than A HUNDRED stages exactly where these people can explode candy to be able to progress from a stage to the subsequent. Since gamer moves along via every single degree this will become much more and more complicated which will helps make this much more addictive plus demanding. Although, the video game is actually yet without a doubt quite simple for playing as well as enjoyable, additionally, it includes a nice and brilliant layout and several changes that retain gamers much more in to the video game whenever improving via the actual stages. In addition, what exactly can make Candy Crush Saga better still is actually the fact that you actually could perform by yourself or perhaps along with your buddies.

All of us have formulated a good awesome product to support Candy Crush Saga gamers enhance more quickly via every degree. This system includes the subsequent, lives, as well as the capability to pass to a degree you want. Lives tend to become certainly 1 of the most significant need associated with the video game due to the fact the much more lives you actually possess the much more a person can perform that signifies a person can perform much more as well as progress more quickly via the levels. In addition, you will find some other objects that will also be utilise inside the video game as an example lollipops; a person get about three lollipops whenever a person commence the video game. One could invest in much more lollipops utilizing Facebook credit these people often are available in packs of 3 or even much more.

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**If the Candy Crush Saga MultiHack v1.2.1 stop working, or you notice some bugs on it, please report that to me, so I can update it as soon as possible.**
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Few informations abou Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush Saga is a video game originally for Facebook that was released on April 12, 2012 and November 14, 2012 for smartphones. It was developed by King. As of March 2013, “Candy Crush Saga” surpassed FarmVille 2 as the most popular game on Facebook, with 45.6 million average monthly users. It is a variation on their browser game Candy Crush.

The game is a variation of “match three” games such as Bejeweled. Each level has a different shaped game board filled with candies of three to six different colors and sometimes obstacles. The basic move of the game consists of swapping two candies’ positions to align sets of three of the same color, whereupon they disappear, causing candies above them to collapse into the space left behind, often resulting in chain reactions. Moves and alignments must be horizontal/vertical. The level’s objectives must be met before the player runs out of moves (or time on timed levels). Board size is 9×9 maximum.


These make up most of the game. Get at least 3 in a row to turn them into points. The several different colors and shapes are:

Color Candy Name
Red Jelly Bean
Orange Lozenge
Yellow Lemon Drop
Green Square
Blue Lollipop Head
Purple Cluster


In all levels, there are three target scores, corresponding to the number of “stars” that the player will get. A player has to meet the lowest of these scores in order to pass the level.

In addition to meeting the score, there are five different types of level objectives.

  • Target Score: The player only has to achieve the lowest score target.
  • Jelly: Some of the squares on the board are encased in “jelly”. The player must match the candies on top of the jelly to eliminate one or two layers of it from the board using a set number of moves. Double Jelly was introduced in Level 18.
  • Ingredients: Special unmatchable game pieces (cherries and chestnuts) appear on the board. The player must clear the pieces beneath them, collapsing the pieces down, and to get them to a delivery point using a set number of moves. A menu appears on screen to tell the player how many ingredients are needed to win the game.
  • Timed: The player must meet the minimum score within a set time limit. Special +5 seconds candies appear on the board to add time to the clock.
  • Objectives: The player must collect a specific number of colored candies, special candies, or special candy combinations using a set number of moves.
  • Level 426 might have a new Level Type
Level Type First Appearance Last Appearance Total Appearances
Target Score Level 1 Level 144 14 (3%)
Jelly Level 6 Level 424 179 (42%)
Ingredients Level 11 Level 422 102 (24%)
Timed Level 20 Level 403 35 (9%)
Objectives Level 126 Level 425 95 (22%)

Life system

The player is given a default number of five lives, with each life restored after a half hour. If the player fails to meet the objective of the level or the player fails to meet the minimum score, a life is deducted. The player has the option of asking friends for more lives, or buying a life restoring item.

Sugar Crush

If the player succeeds in reaching the goal in the Jelly, Ingredients, or Objectives levels, after all moves have been used in Target Score levels, or after the time has run out in Timed levels, the game performs a “Sugar Crush”, an automatic bonus round where the player’s remaining moves (if any) are used to increase the score through creating various special candies on the board.

The Sugar Crush begins by triggering all of the players’ Special Candies one by one according to several priority rules. After there is no Special Candy present in the board, the player’s remaining moves are converted to Special Candies as follows:

  • Target score: Since the game ends only when the player has no move remaining, there is no Sugar Crush effect other than triggering remaining Special Candies present as above.
  • Jelly: For every move remaining, three Jelly Fish (see Special Candies section below) come to the screen. Every Jelly Fish clears a random candy, granting the player 1000 points in addition to normal score gained.
  • Ingredients/Objectives: For every move remaining, a candy at random will become a Striped Candy, giving an extra 3000 points for every Striped Candy.
  • Timed: Any +5 candies left on the screen will turn into an exploded Wrapped Candy (so that they will do one more explosion before being cleared).

After all moves are converted to Special Candies, all Special Candies will be triggered again one by one, until there is no Special Candy present in the board.

Special Candies

Some Special Candies are created when combinations of four or more candies of the same color are matched together. Other Special Candies can be bought from the in-game shop, appeared within the “Mystery Candy”, or encased in a “Marmalade”.

  • Striped Candy: When four same-colored candies are matched in a row or column a Striped Candy is created. The orientation of the stripes is determined by the orientation of the last candy swap you made (e.g. if you horizontally swap two candies, then you will get a horizontally-Striped Candy). When a Striped Candy is matched, it will clear a row or a column according to the orientation of the stripes.
  • Wrapped Candy: When some same-colored candies are matched to form two matches that intersect, a Wrapped Candy is created. When this candy is matched it explodes twice in a row, clearing a 3×3 box around itself each time. If a match is formed that would cause both a Striped Candy and a Wrapper Candy to appear at the same time (for example, four candies in one direction and three in the other), only the Wrapper Candy appears. When a Wrapped Candy is matched, it will clear a 3×3 area centered at the candy and becomes an exploding candy. After all cascades end but before the player’s next move, an exploding candy clears a 3×3 area centered at the candy.
  • Color Bomb: When five same-colored candies are matched in a single line a Color Bomb is created. When this candy is swapped with any other candy, all candies of that color are removed from the board. If a match is formed that would cause both either of the previous two Special Candies and a Color Bomb to appear at the same time (for example, five candies in one direction and three in the other), only the Color Bomb appears. When a Color Bomb is swapped with another candy, all candies of the color of the latter candy is cleared from the board.
  • Jelly Fish: This candy can be purchased by the Yeti Shop, hidden in a Mystery Candy, or can be encased in a Marmalade. When a Jelly Fish is matched with another candy, three Jelly Fish appear to clear three random candies, with preference to candies that are on jellies. In Sugar Crush, a swarm of Jelly Fishes will clear candies only in Jelly levels.
  • Coconut Wheel: This candy can be purchased by the Yeti Shop, hidden in a Mystery Candy, or can be encased in a Marmalade. When a Coconut Wheel is swapped with another candy, it will roll along the direction it is swapped, converting the first three spaces it encounters (if possible) to Striped Candies and triggering them.
  • Lucky Candy: This check-mark candy can be purchased at the Yeti Shop and can only be used during Objectives levels. These candies provide beneficial items that may be helpful for achieving the candies needed to win the levels.


Another feature in Candy Crush is swapping two Special Candies that creates a different, usually more powerful effect than matching them one by one.

  • When two Striped Candies are swapped, it will clear a row and a column, even if the stripes face the same direction.
  • When a Striped Candy and Wrapped Candy (of any color) are swapped, a Giant Striped Candy of size 3×3 is created, which is immediately triggered, clearing three rows of candies and then three columns of candies.
  • When two Wrapped Candies are swapped, the blast radius is doubled so each Wrapped Candy clears a 5×5 area.
  • When a Striped Candy and Color Bomb are swapped, it will convert all candies of the same color as the Striped Candy into other Striped Candies and detonate them all at once.
  • When a Wrapped Candy and a Color Bomb are swapped, it will clear all the candies of the color of the Wrapped Candy, then clear all the candies of another color at random.
  • When two Color Bombs are swapped, all candies will be cleared out from the entire board, but meringues, twister candies and some other obstacles aren’t affected.
  • When a Striped Candy and a Jelly Fish are swapped, three Striped Jelly Fish will appear and turn three regular candies at random into Striped Candies and detonate them all at once.
  • When a Wrapped Candy and a Jelly Fish are swapped, three Wrapped Jelly Fish will appear and turn three regular candies at random into Wrapped Candies and detonate them all at once.
  • When a Color Bomb and a Jelly Fish are swapped, three Spotted Jelly Fish will appear and make random 3 candies to jelly fishes, and another 9 jelly fishes will appear, thus clearing a total of 12 candies, four candies each of three colors.
  • When a Striped Candy and a Coconut Wheel are swapped, the Coconut Wheel will convert five candies it passes to Striped Candies (instead of three).
  • When a Wrapped Candy and a Coconut Wheel are swapped, the Coconut Wheel will convert all candies it passes to Wrapped Candies (instead of three Striped Candies).
  • When a Color Bomb and a Coconut Wheel are swapped, the Coconut Wheel will convert all candies it passes to Striped Candies (instead of three).
  • When two Coconut Wheels are swapped, one Coconut Wheel will convert all candies it passes to Striped Candies, then after the Striped Candies are triggered, the other Coconut Wheel will convert all candies it passes to Striped Candies again.


Obstacles also appear in levels. So far, the following obstacles have made an appearance:

  • Meringue / Whipped Cream Puff: First appears in Level 21. A meringue blocks a square, preventing any candy to fall to it. Meringues are cleared by making a match adjacent to them. A variant of meringues is whipped cream puff, which may appear with multiple layers, requiring more matches adjacent to them in order to clear them.
    • Two-layer Whipped Cream Puff: First appears in Level 111.
    • Three-layer Whipped Cream Puff: First appears in Level 141.
    • Four-layer Whipped Cream Puff: First appears in Level 171.
    • Five-layer Whipped Cream Puff: First appears in Level 276.
  • Locked candies (or Licorice X) : First appears in Level 25. A locked candy acts similar to meringue, preventing any candy to fall to it and preventing the candy inside to fall out. Locked candies are freed by making a match involving the locked candy, or otherwise clearing the locked candy with some Special Candy.
  • Chocolate: First appears in Level 51. A chocolate acts similar to meringue, preventing any candy to fall to it. Chocolates are cleared by making a match adjacent to them, or simply clearing a candy adjacent to them by some Special Candy. However, it will also “infect” a square adjacent to some chocolate after every turn, turning the square to a chocolate. This infection is temporarily prevented by clearing at least one chocolate at the turn.
  • Licorice Swirl: First appears in Level 81. A licorice swirl collapses together like normal candies, but it is unmatchable. It also prevents the blast of Striped Candy to get past it, clearing the licorice swirl instead. The good thing about Licorice Swirl is that it can be clicked on and swapped with another candy, but it is resistant to special candies.
  • Candy Bomb: First appears in Level 96. A candy bomb acts as a normal candy. However, it has a countdown timer that decreases by 1 after every turn. When it reaches 0, it is left uncleared, and the player hasn’t reached the goal, the player loses. The number can be as high as 35 (on level 180) and as low as 3 (on level 275). In Target Score and Timed, the player is not considered to have reached the goal before all moves/time is exhausted, so even if the player has reached the target score but a bomb counts to 0 and is left uncleared, the player still loses.
  • Chocolate Fountain: First appears in Level 156. A chocolate fountain doesn’t fall and cannot be cleared by any means. Chocolate fountains produce a chocolate adjacent to them if there is no chocolate cleared in the last two turns.
  • Marmalade: First appears in Level 186. A marmalade holds a Special Candy. It is a translucent brown candy and it glimmers every few seconds. It is somewhat similar to a locked candy that it can be cleared by using the held candy in a match, but it can also be cleared with the same method as meringue, by making a match adjacent to it.
  • Exploding Cakes: First appears in Level 366. An exploding cake can destroy all candies and any obstacles away after removing 8 slices, but it doesn’t mean that this will clear every piece on the gameboard. It is the first and only blocker to take up 4 squares, or a 2×2 area.
  • Twister Candy: First appears in Level 411. A twister candy moves to a random board square every turn. When it moves to a new square, the square it was previous on becomes cracked (if it’s not a Cream Puff) for one turn. A Jelly or Cream Puff cannot be destroyed on a square that is cracked or has a twister candy on it. Candy cannot fall into a square that is cracked or has a twister candy on it. If a twister candy lands on Special Candies, it will detonate them (without second explosion of Wrapped Candy). If a twister candy lands on a Chocolate / Cream Puff, it can destroy the chocolate / reduce the Cream Puff by one layer.


  • Teleporter: First appears in Level 66. A teleporter is an element where candies are transferred from an area to another area. It is a group of blue circle swirls (where candies go down) or pink circle swirls (where candies come out).
  • Dispenser: First appears in Level 216. A dispenser is an element that releases ingredients, licorice swirls, or candy bombs to the board when the candies in its vicinity are removed.

Other candies

  • Mystery Candy: First appears in Level 231. When it is matched, it turns to a random Special Candy or Obstacle. The good and bad outcomes is always 50-50.
  • Rainbow Candies: First appears in Level 306. They have a small white aura and a rainbow sweeps across them every few seconds, so it is easy to differentiate between normal and rainbow candies. These candies change color after every turn, alternating between two colors. Often, rainbow candies are in the marmalade at the start of a level.


A booster is an item that can be used to help the player in completing a level.

There are many types of boosters in the game. Some boosters are only available in certain level types.

Booster Levels Effect Debut
Lollipop Hammer All Click on one candy to remove it. Level 7
+5 moves All Gives the player five additional moves. Level 8
Jelly Fish Jelly Levels Summons 3 jelly fishes to eat jellied candies at random. Level 9
Color Bomb All Start with a color bomb on the screen. Level 13
Coconut Wheel Ingredient Drop Levels Turns three candies into striped candies. Level 15
Free Switch All Allows the player to switch two candies that don’t match. Level 19
Extra Time Timed Levels Gives the player an additional 15 seconds. Level 27
Striped and Wrapped All Start with one Striped Candy and one Wrapped Candy on the screen. Level 35
Sweet Teeth All Eats several chocolate, licorice swirls, meringues and marmalade. Level 52
Bomb Cooler Levels with Candy Bomb Adds five extra moves to all Candy Bombs on the board. Level 97
Lucky Candy Objective Levels Check-mark balls which when matched yield a Special Candy involving in the objectives. Level 131
Bubblegum Troll Levels with a Chocolate Fountain Blocks all the chocolate fountains in the game for 5 moves and clear all the chocolate on the board. Level 156
+3 moves All Sent by friends when stuck on a level for 2 or more days, adds 3 additional moves. -


A charm is an item that can be bought and used forever in the game. Charms also can help a player to complete a level. The only difference between charms and boosters is that charms can be used forever but boosters can only be used once. You can not purchase charms right now, as that option has been removed from the Facebook and iPhone versions of the game.

Charm Levels Effect
Charm of Lives - Expands from the default 5 lives to 8 lives
Charm of Stripes All Gives the player to paint one candy a striped candy once per game.
Charm of Frozen Time Timed Levels Makes the time stay still while the player is pondering his/her moves.

Pink Ribbon

Sometimes friends can send to you a +3 extra moves booster. Then, a pink ribbon will show up on the map on the level you are currently playing on. This pink ribbon make you only be able to use these +3 extra moves boosters on this level. The pink ribbon will disappear when you run out of usable +3 extra move boosters. However, if you win, the pink ribbon would still be there if you still haven’t used your +3 extra move boosters.


A Candy Shuffle is when all the candies on the board are shuffled. The colors of the candies don’t change, but their position on the board does. A shuffle is invoked when the player has no available move, and takes one of the player’s moves (or 5 seconds in Timed Mode) when played on Facebook. Candy bombs and twister candies stay still on the board while shuffling.


The Voice is an element in Candy Crush Saga present in all Levels, be it Timed Levels, Jelly Levels, Ingredient Drop Levels. Target Score Levels or Objective Levels. The voice is a deep male voice by an unknown member of the Candy Crush Saga team or maybe even an uncredited actor. The Voice is always aided by onscreen text and announces when the player has done something worthy of congratulating, for example when one gets a large combo or completes the level’s tasks.


There are five different sayings the Voice uses. There are:

  • Sweet: When a player gets a small combo. Usually around 12 candies are destroyed.
  • Tasty: When the player gets a larger combo, but still relatively small.
  • Delicious: When a player gets a large combo, usually destroying around 24-30 candies.
  • Divine: The largest combo announcement the Voice can make when a player gets an extremely large combo destroying tens of candies.
  • Sugar Crush: When a player finishes the level tasks and the sugar crush is announced.


  • Tiffi: Tiffi (short for Toffette) is the main character of the game. She is the blonde girl with pigtails. She is introduced in the Candy Town.
  • Mr. Toffee: Mr. Toffee helps out along the way. He walks the player through the tutorial in the beginning of the game, and introduces the first levels.
  • Yeti: The Yeti runs the Yeti Shop, where the player can purchase boosters. The player also encounters him in the Chocolate Mountains.
  • Bubblegum Monster: Tiffi encounters him in Bubblegum Bridge, Sweet Surprise and Pudding Pagoda and wants candy.
  • Bunny: Tiffi encounters him in Easter Bunny Hills, where he got stuck in the chocolate.


As of 27 June 2013, Candy Crush Saga has 425 levels composed in 29 episodes in the Facebook version, and the first 365 levels are available in the smartphones version. Every episode has 15 levels except for the first two episodes, which only have 10.

Candy Crush Saga uses a mechanism to unlock episodes. The first two episodes are free; every episode thereafter requires the player to invite three other Facebook friends to help the player unlock the next episode. The episodes can also be unlocked with 3 Facebook credits, with one Facebook credit replacing one friend required to unlock.


The game had over ten million downloads in December 2012 alone.

Candy Crush is popular on Facebook having more than 34 million likes on the application page. It is the most popular app on Facebook and the highest-grossing app in the Apple and Google app stores.

The game makes a cameo in Psy’s music video “Gentleman”.

Candy Crush Saga has received particular attention in the Hong Kong media, with reports that one in seven Hongkongers plays the game, that a minibus driver was spotted playing the game while working, that it may improve or hinder interpersonal relationships, cause neck strain due to improper posture while playing the game, or even cause anxiety in those who cannot pass a certain level.